Introduction: Fun Phony Chicken

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If you enjoy making treats that are not what they appear to be, then you'll enjoy this fun recipe for phony chicken drumsticks!

Pretzel rods
Jumbo roasting marshmallows
Vanilla bark
Caramels (or make your favorite caramel recipe)
corn flakes
wax paper 


1. Cut the pretzel rods in half. You will need 1/2 a rod per drumstick you want to make.
2. Quarter some jumbo mallows and push them onto one end of the rod. Repeat this for each rod.
3. Melt down some vanilla bark and dip each rod. Then set them on wax paper to cool.
4. Once the bark has cooled & hardened, push a jumbo mallow onto the other end of the rod. 
5. Now melt down the caramels or make your favorite caramel recipe. 
6. While the caramel cools, crush the cornflakes with your hands & pour them into a bowl. 
7. After the caramels have cooled for 2-5 minutes, dip a pre-made marshmallow drumstick into the caramel. (Work quickly because the hot caramel will begin to melt the mallow) Try to cover the entire jumbo mallow.
8. Then roll the carameled drumstick into the crushed cornflakes & set them back onto the wax paper to cool. 
9. Once they have cooled "dinner" can be served!

Who says we can't have "chicken" for every meal?

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