Introduction: Fun Projects With Elegoo Uno R3 Super Start Kit - Joystick Control for DC Motor

In this Instructables, I'm going to try to control the direction and speed of a DC motor by a joystick with the help of Arduino, use the components from the Elegoo Uno R3 Super Start Kit available from

Step 1: Objectives

There are many Arduino learning kit on the market with various flavors. The Elegoo Uno R3 kit has a cloned Arduino Uno 3 very similar to the original, as well as a good collection of common components and a comprehensive manual with 24 fun Arduino projects with sketches. The objective of this project is to apply the joystick control to the DC motor which has a lot of real-world application.

Step 2: Parts List

  • Arduino Uno
  • L293D
  • DC Motor
  • Joystick Module
  • Breadboard with DC Power supply
  • Jumper Wires

Step 3: Schematics

Step 4: Code

Refer to the documentation supplied with the Elegoo kit for a detailed explanation functional diagram for the L293D IC and the joystick. In particular:

  • Lesson 12 Analog Joystick Module
  • Lesson 21 DC Motors