Introduction: Fun Snack for Kids

Hello Everybody,

Here is a simple snack I made along with my son. It is made with wheat dough. Sometimes when he is fussy to eat normal poori or roti, we roll it into shapes of animals. He loves shaping it as well as eating what he's made.

Step 1: Making the dough

In a clean vessel mix the whole wheat flour, water, butter and salt

Knead the mixture till you get a consistent dough as shown in picture 1

Step 2: Creating your favorite shapes

Pull out small portions of your ball of dough

Let your children join you

Together roll each portion of dough into their favorite animals or shapes using your hands

Avoid making too thick shapes as it will take longer time to fry

Step 3: Frying the dough

Heat oil in a pan at medium flame

Make sure there is enough oil to dip the shaped dough

Once the oil is hot dip the shaped dough into it

Let it for for 1-2 minutes on medium flame

Take it out, sprinkle with dusted sugar and cinnamon and serve hot.

You can also use 1 egg or a boiled potato to mix with the wheat flour instead of water to make dough.


6 tablespoons of whoewheat flour

1 tsp butter


2 tablespoon of water

oil for frying

Step 1:

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