Introduction: Fun Watermelon Smoothie

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So you have a big, juicy watermelon that you want to use. Cut it up into slices, right...WRONG! You make a wonderful smoothie with it the fun way. The way I am going to show you is the way my best friend showed me, you can make your own spin on it and make it your own with numerous changes to my plan, but here is the outline. One watermelon comfortably makes 5 drinks but after that you have to be good with blending because it starts to come out chunky

Step 1: Ingredients

TIME: 25 min depending on how good of a blender you are


Watermelon $4 (at local farm stand)

Sugar $6

Chervil $2 (home grown)



Coat Hanger

Sharp Knife

Wire Cutters



Chisel* optional

Step 2: Getting Started

So to start you are going to pull apart the coat hanger so it becomes taller. Then once you get to like the second picture you measure it to the watermelon. You want it to be able to go deep into the watermelon but not to deep. Once you cut it to size you twist the ends of the hanger and place it into the drill and tighten it.

Now take your sharp knife and cut the top exactly like you would if you were doing a jack-o-lantern. If you don't know what a jack-o-lantern is then you are SOL. Just make sure it is just big enough for your coat hanger beater to fit through. Then once it fits in, pedal to the floor and swirl it around. You want to make sure you beat everything in it. The watermelon is acting as a cup and the drill is acting as a blender.

Step 3: Time to Spice It Up

Once you begin blending add a tablespoon of sugar cause it won't kill anyone....or two....or three, or however sweet you want it. after the sugar take some of your chervil and I cut it up and added a little bit for flavor. Your still blending making sure you get all the edges. It will start to fill up to the brim and this is when you have two choices you can either draw eyes on it and pour it into a glass (trust me its funny to watch...maybe not appetizing but very funny). Or you can put a straw in it and begin enjoying it as you would if it were a coconut. If poured into a glass you finish and garnish the glass with another chervil leaf and a straw, drink up.

Step 4: That's It

That is really it you can put your own spin on it. Like if you are an adult you can add a little liquor to make for a interesting cocktail that will surely be a crowd pleaser. Cut the top bigger to make sure you get all the watermelon blended once you have poured a few drinks. Now if you do happen to use alcohol be aware that once you widen the opening the empty watermelon with eyes drawn on it begins to look like a pretty sweet helmet. Refrain yourself from doing so and simply acknowledge to your friend how good of an idea it is and enjoy the laughs without looking like a fool.

You can really add anything you want only thing I recommend is that you do it outside or somewhere that spilling isn't a big deal. You could just get a funnel but whats the fun in that. Thats really what this is all about, Enjoy!

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