Introduction: Funny Ketchup Prank

Have you ever been at a restaurant and the waiter/waitress gave you so many tiny ketchup packets? You were probably like, what will I do with these? Well, here is a funny use for them. 

Step 1: Materials

These are common things you'll get at a restaurant. You'll need:
1) A packet of ketchup
2) Your friends drink (best if it's dark like Pepsi or A cup that isn't see through)
3) A straw
4) Your friend

Step 2: The Main Part

Your friend has to go to the bathroom or step away from the table for a minute or else it won't work. So, while your friend isn't at the table, take the packet of ketchup.

With the ketchup, rip of the little corner that says, Tear Here, or the Purple Line. Make sure you don't rip it to close to the top or else the straw won't fit in the packet.

Step 3: The Hard Part

Before your friend comes back, take the cover (if there is one) off their drink. Take the straw out and stick one end of it into the ketchup packet. Then, put the ketchup back into the drink and await the return of your friend.


Step 4: Sit Back and Relax

This is the fun part. There are two ways that this prank can turn out.

1) The Ketchup Will Go Up The Straw Into The Persons Mouth When They Try To Drink


2) Nothing will come up the straw at all.

It is so much fun watching your friend trying to drink the liquid while you just sit there trying not to laugh.