Introduction: Funny Matchstick Trick. Work Safe, But Suggestive.

In this instructable (which was just as much of an excuse to try out my new camera as it was to make an instructable) I'm going to show you how to set up the match trick that everyone should know. Then I'm going to show you what happens. Once you know what happens, you'll want to try it too. If you don't then it goes to show that you are more mature than I am.

This instructable comes with a health warning, It involves playing with fire. Obviously playing with fire can cause injuries. So be careful! Further, this trick seems like a good idea whilst intoxicated, let me categorically state, this is false. This has been determined through a set of controlled scientific experiments, sort of.

Step 1: Step 1 - Set Up.

These are just some quick notes on set up. Its really easy, really quick and not to difficult. To be honest I don't know why I bothered with photos.

Phase 1
You will need:
4 matches [or 3 matches and a lighter].
Blu-tack or similar.

Phase 2

Stick the blue tack down to a surface, what ever that may be, a table would be fantastic. There should be two blobs of it, and will need to be quite a distance apart. In the photos below I put a match between them for gauge. I found how ever, they will need to be further apart than this.

Phase 3
Stick a match in either blob. Make sure that the heads touch together or are pretty close, with in a couple of millimeters. This can be a little bit tricky sometimes.

Phase 4

Place a third match so it rests on the heads of the other two matches. Do not blue tack it too the floor. It must be free standing.

Phase 5
Ignite with the forth match, or lighter. Fire steels may work, but Personally I find it pretty ineffective.


Thats about it. This is reasonably easy to do, costs very little and there are other ways of doing it. For example when camping you may be able to stick matches in the mud, or you can use the matchbox itself, how ever in this case it needs to be a small one with a narrow mouth.

Step 2: Results. Burning Time.

So now I've got you curious about this. I'm going to share with you what it does. I'm sure You'll enjoy it.