Introduction: Furnace Filter Facemask N96/N91 Media

The first video explain making a face mask from N96 filter media. No sewing needed. The mask is sufficient as a social distancing barrier to prevent the user from emitting water droplets without the seal. The second video is about adding a seal using foil tape, blue painting tape, weather strip seal and a fine wire. If the seal is added the mask has better sealing than a surgical mask and prevents fogging of glasses in cold air. Video #3 is a jig to greatly decrease the amount of time to make the seal. The jig can make 5 seals in about 8 minutes. CHANGE: The extra blue tape can be omitted for simplicity. However, the user can only clean the mask with soap and warm water as the nose seal should be left on the mask. Peeling the foil tape off of the mask repeatedly will cause the filter media to fray.

Videos #4 and #5 describe disinfecting an N95 mask with procedures derived from NIH papers. One process uses pasteurization the other uses hypochlorite. If you are a health care worker or first responder being told to keep reusing your N95 mask, this can help you keep the mask as clean as possible until the supply chain can provide you with fresh PPE.

Videos #6 is about on cleaning the filter media mask using a tall plastic tumbler and keeping water hot (160 F) in a microwave at 10% power for 20 minutes.

Video #7 is using a tall tumbler to washing with soap and warm water. CHANGE: The warm soap and water procedure can be done with the mask seal left on the mask. This is much simpler and the mask dries out fine overnight.

Call it a "Brother's Keeper" mask to help you not unknowingly spread infections. And if you need to work in an area and you have no PPE, call it a BTN or BTB Mask (Better Than Nothing or Better Than a Bandanna)

As of April 3, 2020, CDC recommended all persons voluntarily wear a NON-MEDICAL SUPPLY mask or face cover in addition to social distancing to prevent person to person transmission from infectious people who show no COVID19 symptoms.


N96 or N91 Furnace filter

3/8" elastic strap (1/4" or 1/2" will probably work)

Metal punch or large nail suitable to be heated

Flame heat source to heat the metal nail

Optional seal:

Blue painting tape 1" wide

Foil sealing tape 2-3" wide

1/4" or 3/8" weather strip

18 or 22 gauge or thin stainless steel wire or galvanized steel wire