Introduction: Fusion 360 Steve

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in this instructable, you will learn to make Steve from Minecraft on Autodesk fusion 360.

for this project, you will need:

  • a computer
  • fusion 360
  • a 3d printer
  • about 45 minutes

Step 1: Make a Cube

using the box tool(or just make a square and extrude it), make a 2/2/2 inch cube.

this will serve as his head.

Step 2: Make the Face

make the sketch modeled above, and extrude/ cut each feature by .075 inches.

this is his face.

Step 3: Make the Hair

make the sketches modeled above, and then extrude each piece by .1 inches.

for the hair on the right side of the face, you may make an offset plane and mirror the left side.

Step 4: Make the Body

make the offset plane modeled above and offset by .6 inches.

then make the sketch modeled above on the plane and extrude it by 1 inch.

Step 5: Make His Arms

make the sketches and extrude by -.9 inches.

Step 6: Make His Legs

once again, make the sketch and extrude it by -.9 inches.

Step 7: Add Detail

OPTIONAL- add detail by making a shirt.

Step 8: That's It!

great job! you can now brag to your friends that you have a model of Steve from Minecraft... hooray.

but if you're like me and are too lazy to make it yourself, enjoy this genuine, 100% fat-free, guaranteed sub-par file with the model on it.

thank you!

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