Introduction: Fuzzy Love Bug

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Make something cute and fuzzy for mothers day, easter, birthdays, or just to take over the world!

You will need:

An egg box
Scrap felt/fabric
PVA glue

Ready? Off we go....!

Step 1: Prepare the Body

You need to cut two parts from the egg box.

The first is a plain square from the flat top - we'll use this in the next step. The bigger the square is, the fuzzier your bug will be.

For the second, you need to cut off one of the little round bits that hold the egg - cut it so that it stands up "straight".

Step 2: Make Fuzz!

Ok... Taking the square of card that you cut in the last step, you need to wrap yarn around it, top to bottom, continuously, until you get bored... If doing this with children, feel free to suggest that it *has* to be done for ___ minutes (however long they need to be busy :p).

When out of yarn/card/bored/complete, stop winding and cut the yarn off. Cut a seperate piece of yarn around 20 cm long. Slide this underneath the carefully wrapped yarn, and tie around the top of the card, as tight as possible. Make sure it isn't going to come off, and then either leave the ends lose, trim short, or as I did, tie in a bow... Cut the opposite end of the yarn wrap open.

Step 3: Attach Hair to Body...

Ok. Grab your newly created fuzz. Open it up, and spread it out so it's round/starry. Take the egg cup part, and put pva glue on the top of it. Stick it the fuzz circle... Squish it down good and hard so that it sticks. Turn it the right way up, and then arrange the fuzz so that it covers all of the card.

Step 4: Decorate!

While your bug now looks lovely and fuzzy, it doesn't really have a personality yet.... Use your fabric scraps to create eyes, other features, and decorations.... If you've got googley eyes, pipe cleaners, and anything else hanging around, you could include those as part of your decoration - just have fun!