Introduction: GBA Flash Drive Mod

About: the name is GhostBoyHiro, im new at modding but i just started messing around with some stuff now im into it.
i was bored and my flash drive case broke but it still worked so i modded it into an old GBA game.
check out how i did it . enjoy!!

Step 1: The Thing Ur Goin 2 Need

1.Old GBA game
3.A sheet rock knife
4.Tiny flat head screw driver
5. Black tape

Step 2: Open GBA N Cut

1. open up ur old GBA game with the small screw driver.
2. when opened use the knife to cut about a inch in the middle of the game(as seen in picture)

Step 3: Open Flash Drive

1. the flash drive shown is just 4 example but open up ur flash drive and remove from the case.(as shown in picture)

Step 4: Now to Put It Together

1. place the flash drive into the GBA game .
2. place black tape on the flash drive so it and stay in place. if u want u can use something else like hot glue or something else so it can stay but i used tape.

Step 5: Now to Add a Finishing Touch

1. screw it together.
2. if ur flash drive has a LED light on it make the game look a bit cooler.
3. in the middle of the game insert where u think the light may be at and make a nice small hole i use a screw driver 2 make the hole.

Step 6: Now Ur Done!!!

finally ur done. plug it in and show it off to ur friends. a fast and easy way 2 fix ur broken flash drive case. i got alot of offers to make more 4 friends. thanx for checkin out my first mod. ENJOY!!