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Here I show you How You Track Your Bike or Car.

You can track live location of bike using this devise.

You can track any bike using this devise.

Step 1: Find Battery of Vehicle

How To Find Battery ?

GPS TRACKER Devise has no battery therefore you have to connect your vehicle battery to this devise.

If you have Scooter like picture then battery should be inside of front side and below head-lite.

If You have Bike then battery should be at middle and below seat.

disassemble screw and open this part of bike as picture and find Battery supply.

Step 2: Disassemble GPS TRACKER

Open Four Screw of Backside of this GPS Tracker and open the case of tracker.

Here is 3rd picture is show what's inside GPS Tracker.

Here You can see one Sim card slot.

Step 3: Sim Card

Which type of Sim Card you need ?

1) Best Network

2) Some 2G or 3G Data Required

3) 4G Sim Card not Work

Step 4: Connect Sim Card

Take this sim card and connect inside of sim card slot.

Then Close Case of GPS Tracker and fit all 4 Screw.

Step 5: Take Wire

Take Some Wire to connect with GPS Tracker and Battery.

Then Connect one end to GPS Tracker.

Step 6: Connect GPS Tracker

Then Connect GPS tracker To the Battery.

But Make sure Positive wire to positive battery pole and Negative wire to Negative battery Pole.

Step 7: Activate GPS Tracker

After Connection of Battery and GPS tracker, Devise Start Automatically.

You Can see Red and Green Light on Devise.

Red Light = Power

Green Light = Network

But Blue light is not start.

Blue light Start after you activate this devise.

Activation Guidelines is inside of user manual of this devise.

If Devise activate then blue light start automatically.

Step 8: Place GPS Tracker

Place This GPS tracker as you show in picture.

Step 9: Track Location

After Install Apk Inside Smartphone You Can Track Live Location Of Bike.

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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    I was really hoping for a diy tracker using an Arduino or raspberry pi when I clicked on this. Turns out to be instructions on how to plug a sim card into a cheap tracker and plainly put the tracker on top of the battery for any thief to easily find and disable.


    Reply 2 years ago

    si la verdad que yo tambien esperaba algo mas DIY no tan compralo e instalalo.

    algo decepcionante el post.