GT5 - Send a Car to a Friend Without Losing Him !!

Introduction: GT5 - Send a Car to a Friend Without Losing Him !!

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hello guys
I will show you how to send a car to a friend or just copie the car.
you can also buy a car without losing your money used for the puchase !! 

Step 1: Copy Your Save File

the first thing to do is copying your save file to an USB-stick or another user on your playstation.
1. Go To Game > Saved Data Utility
2. Select the GT5 Save File
3.Press Triangle
4. Select Copy
5. Copy to USB-Stick

Step 2: Sending the Car

In this step I'll Show you how to send the car to a friend.
1. Run GT5
2. Go to 'Garage'
3. pres triangle at the car you would like to send to a friend
4. choose 'Give to a friend'
5. select the friend who would like to have the car
6. your car will be gone

Step 3: Getting Your Car Back

now you have sent your car to a friend but of course you want your car back...
1. exit GT5
2. After you sent the car your savefile will have been adapted, you have to remove this save file.
3. go to your USB-Stick and copie the earlier save file to your account.
4. Start GT5 again and you will see you'll still have your car but your friend will still receave his car.

instead of using an USB-Stick you can also make a second user for you ps3 and copie the file at this account.

ofcouse you can create a second PSN-accound and send the car to your second account, afterwards you can send the car back to your main account.

At this way you can also buy a car (you'll still need enough money) sent it to a friend and if you follow the previous steps you wont lose your money.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    hey, i've got gt5 too and you might have sen mine already. I was just curious if you knew more cheats, tips or glitches with gt5 that could help me?


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    sorry this is the only thing I know how to cheat. I recomand you to do B-spec, Be sure your car is much better than the other cars. just play 1 or 2 laps en go do something else. thats an easy way to gain money and great cars. but I dont thing there is any other way to cheat :( but by using this method you can have every car and you can also buy him and send him to a friend or a second account. :D