Introduction: Gadget to Scramble Eggs Inside Their Shells

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In this Instructable, I'll show you how to make a cool gadget that can scramble an egg inside the shell in less than a minute.

If you ever tried to scramble an egg in a sleeve, you'll know that it takes time and it's a forced workout (I guess that's good?)

You'll need:

Step 1:

Take an egg and make a cage around it with Instamorph moldable plastic.

Step 2:

Drill or melt a hole in the centre.

I used a hot needle to do it.

Step 3:

Glue a nail in the centre.

Epoxy glue is a good choice

Step 4:

Drill 2 holes in a PVC pipe

Step 5:

Cut a wooden dowel in half if necessary. Drill a hole in the middle or hammer a nail to make a hole.

Step 6:

Attach the "egg cage" to the pipe and slide the dowel onto the nail, applying the glue first.

Step 7:

Get a string and wrap it around the dowel.

Put the egg in a bowl. It's best to use a bowl that is like a " ) " symbol, so the egg can spin freely.

Put the egg in the cage.

Use room temperature eggs as they can be scrambled much faster than the ones from the fridge.

Egg should be smaller than the cage or in other words - When you lift the cage, egg should stay on the bowl.

Pull the rope and lift the gadget at the same time.

Harder you pull, faster the egg will spin (if you pull too hard, the egg can break)

When the egg has stopped or almost stopped, give it a quick shake.

Boil the egg in a lower temperature than usual as it might crack.

In my tests it was enough with 1 spin and 10 sec shake. I was able to scramble an egg in 40 sec.

This little gadget can spin the egg extremely fast. It looks slower in the video than in reality.

Step 8: