Introduction: Game Box

This Arduino project is all about fun. As we all know, before you win the game- Uno, you have to shout "Uno!" first. This device is useful at that time, you can press the button while you shout Uno, it's lights and sound will signal your opponents. This device, which has 10 LED lights will shine by the sequence on the Arduino twice. Later on, an additional speaker will play a short song of your choosing. You can even put a tissue box inside your game box to make it more useful. I hope you enjoy this project!

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

  • Arduino Leonardo *1
  • Bread Board *1
  • LED lights *10
  • Jumper wires ( about 18 wires)
  • One resistance ( the blue one!)
  • A speaker
  • A button to control your speaker and lights
  • USB line to connect from your computer to the Arduino
  • A box that fits your device (make sure that the lights can be visible!)
  • Acrylic color ( my choices: red, black, and white)
  • A box the tissue
  • One cutting knife
  • Painting equipment (paintbrush, paint tray...)
  • A cupboard to hold your stuffs

Step 2: Designing the Circult

  1. Connect all of the LED lights like picture 1, you can repeat the steps and connect 10 LED lights just like picture 1 ( connect the LEDs from Digital pin 11 to 2). Or you can connect the LED lights' circuit like me in Picture 6 (connect Digital pin ex:12 to one of your LED's legs and connect the other LED's leg to negative.)
  2. Connect the button: Connect the circuit like picture 2. Remember to connect it to D pin 12, or else you can't use my program, for I connected it to Digital pin 12
  3. Connect the speaker: Connect the speaker just like picture 3, and connect the speaker to Digital pin 13.
  4. Finished!

P.S you can change the song the speaker plays, by following the pitch like Picture 4. However, you have to change the programming as well. All you have to do is to change the highlighted part in picture 5 to the pitch you want in picture 4.

Step 3: Programming for the Game Box

Click here for my programming

Step 4: Make the Conainer of Your Game Box

  1. Find a box that fits your device and a tissue box.
  2. Cut the hole (like picture 1) for the tissue to come out.
  3. Cut a thick line for the lights' lights to be more visible.
  4. Cut the holes (ears) for the speaker's sound to be louder
  5. Cut the holes for the USB line and your button to come out
  6. Color the box with your own choice of color with eyes, eyebrows, nose drew out.
  7. Write whatever you wish on the top of your game box (example: Game Box / Tissue holder)
  8. Make sure everything fits and it's done!

Step 5: Finished!

Enjoy your success! The lights will run twice and the speaker will play the sound automatically after you push the button.