Introduction: Game Setup in Under 1 Minute

In this example we will create a pro baseball strip cards game (2 - 10 players). We offer different types of games that you can create and promote, games based on related sporting events.

All our instructions begin from our game dashboard. To get to your game dashboard, you must login / register at

For this example also select to "Host" games in your dashboard.  As a game host, you can create games, set prizes and invite Pub Fans players to play your games.

Step 1: Select a Game to Host

Click the light blue icon with the baseball bat and ball images, that says "Pro Strips".

Step 2: Fill Out All Form Fields to Create a New Game

Fill out the "New games settings" form to customize your game play experience.  Options include:

1. Nickname your game something fun and original,
2. Set the matchup (Chicago Cubs vs. Milwaukee Brewers, etc.),
2. Number of picks per player,
3. Prizes to play for, every 3rd, 6th and 9th inning (varies by sport), and
4. Whether or not to promote your game on your Facebook Page (for fan pages only).

* The game form fields have hint messages that will help you if you get stuck.  You can switch these messages off in your settings menu once you get the hang of how game setup works.

** Just remember to complete the form and your game will be created successfully!

Step 3: Select Your New Game & Play!

Hurray! Your new game is now listed in your "Current Games" menu, located in your game dashboard.  Select the icon of that game or it's corresponding link to enter, play and promote your game to players.

Thanks for checking us out.  Stay tuned for more tutorials on playing games, promoting games / inviting customers to play, managing prize redemption, and more!

Go to and try to create and play games for customers watching sports at your Pub.  It's 100% free to host and play, so try it today!