Introduction: GameBoy Pocket Backlight

Now that it's been about thirteen years since the GameBoy Pocket has been out, I've decided to install a backlight in the unit. Yes, there's a GameBoy Light, and there's always a GameBoy SP, but we all know the self-gratification we get from the DIY life-style.

In this, I will be explaining on how to dismantle, install, & benefit.

Step 1: Parts You'll Need:

1 GameBoy Pocket
2 Thin gauge wire
1 Wire stripper
1 Soldering iron
1 Roll of solder
1 Really tiny LED (any color you want, but I prefer white) found in cell-phones or crappy MP3 players
1 Tri-wing screwdriver (found very cheap on e-bay)
1 Jeweler's phillips head screwdriver
1 X-acto knife
3 Alcohol wipes
1 Shot glass filled with Green Soap
1 Shot glass filled with a few Q-Tips
1 Thin reflective layer
1 Frosted layer
1 CD case
1 Roll of clear packaging tape

Total Cost: $15 (GameBoy & Twi-Wing)
Total Time: About 3 hours

Step 2: Dismantle

Take apart your GB!

Separate all of the PCB's.

Get the Main PCB, and it should Look like the picture.

The two red highlighted areas are what we're going to be working with.

Step 3: Wiring:

Make sure your soldering iron is heated up, and get your solder ready!

Take the two wires, and solder it to each side of the LED. This is a tiny LED, so be really careful.

Test the polarity of it and mark the wire.

Add a power source to your GB and test the polarity of the two marked areas & mark them.

Now, insert the wires (luckily, they're open and waiting for a wire) & solder them in on the flip-side of the PCB.

Power on the GB, and test it out. It should light up if you did everything correctly.

Step 4: The LCD

This part is kind of time-consuming.

You have to be extremely careful with the LCD, or you'll end up with a row, or column of dead-pixels.

Remove the sticky backing from the LCD, and scrape the silver away with your trusty X-Acto knife.

When it's all scraped, dip the one end of the Q-Tip in the Green Soap, and scrub the back until all of the flakes are gone.

Dry it off, and then wipe both sides down with the alcohol wipe.

Take your reflective layer, frosted layer, and CD case, and make sure they're cut to the exact size of the GB's LCD.

Take the CD case, and make a notch at the very top for the LED, and tape it all back together.

I can't stress enough to be careful with the ribbons on the LCD. I have a couple rows of dead pixels. :(

Step 5: FInal Step

Put everything back together. It'll be a tight fit, but it'll work.

If you did everything correctly, it should do what the one on the bottom is doing. Making you happy in the dark.

Now, if you want, customize the heck out of it by painting, or adding more LED's.

Be critical, but not harsh. This is my first Instructable.

Thanks for reading, and happy modding!