Introduction: Gameboy Summer

This is my old gameboy color put in a bug cage.

I thought it's fun if I could see my pokemon and real bugs at the same time.

No coding needed, just lots of cutting and soldering.

Step 1: Designing Parts


0.54mm x 50m wire x1

2mm acrylic boards x2

4mm plywood board x1

Gameboy x1

Bug cage x1

Super famicom controller x1

5mm LED x1

Push switch x2

Power switch x1

Volume switch x1

Battery case x1

Heat shrink tube x1

M2 plastic bolts and nuts

I recommend you to buy all the materials 2x more for extra.

That confidence of having spare parts will affect the quality of outcome.

I used a laser cutter at my neighborhood hardware store.

4500 yen / an hour (about $40) and about 2.5 hours of operating.

Step 2: Pre-assemble

Acrylic cement does the job.

Step 3: More Assemble

Hid all the nuts inside.

Step 4: Soldering

My turtles helping me out.

Step 5: Finished. Go Outside. Go Catch Bugs!

Sorry for the lack of information. I will update it soon.

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