Introduction: Garage - Workshop - Tools - Reno & Organization

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Are you sick and tired of the clutter in your garage?  Tired of not being able to locate things in your garage?  I know I was, so I decided to do a total reno on my garage and I sure didn't want to spend a ton of money.  I was able to locate 6 large filing cabinets on Kijiji for free.  I could have gotten more, but that was all I needed.  I bought a couple of quarts of Tremclad Fire Red gloss paint and painted all the cabinets. I then bought a gallon of gray primer paint and painted my work bench and the two shelving units I had left. I bought some metal trim from Totem and painted them Fire Red.  I used these as front trim on the shelfs.  We had just finished doing the floors in our house and I had a couple of boxes of laminate flooring left over.  I used this as the top for my work bench.  I then put a stainless steel trim on the front of the bench and painted it red as well.  Once every thing was in place I took all of my tools, parts, paints, cleaning supplies, lubricants and power tools and put them all in the filing cabinet drawers.  Once I had every thing just where I wanted them, I labelled all the drawer as to what was in them.  Now every thing in my garage has a place and there is no clutter.  With every thing being labelled, anyone can find stuff.  It sure made my life a lot easier and a whole lot less frustrating.  The whole project was under $100.00.  If this is the type of garage organization you would like, get on these buy/sell sites, like Kijiji and you will find all kinds of storage item for free.  If anyone has any questions, please feel free to email me at:
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