Introduction: Night Lamp

Here is the night lamp which is recycled from waste.It is very easy and you can make it within 30 minutes.It also costs very low.
Materials required
  A long stiff wire
  A cap from musquito repellant
  Connecting wires
  Battery or any power source
  A stand(i used an old rpm meter)

Step 1:

Take a long stiff wire and wound it in the spiral shape.Use a strong iron rod to make it spiral.Connect the led and the resistance in parallel and fix it in a round cardboard or pcb that fixes into the musquito repellant cap.Dont forget to connect a wire about the length of one feet to the bulb.Drill two small holes in the cap.Insert the wire into one hole and take it out of one cap.fix the led bulb placed in pcb to the inner side of the cap using glue gun.Now insert the one end of the spiral wire into other hole and fix it frimly using glue gun.Take the other end of the spiral wire and insert it to the stand.I have used a old rpm meter as the stand.(fix it frimly so that you can adjust the spiral wire to focus the light).Now connect the ends of the wire to the power source(connect the wire to a low power to avoid the destruction of the led).You have done a night lamp at a low cost.
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