Introduction: Garbage Body Prank

Prank your garbage man with a fake body, sure to scare the pants off the whole neighborhood!

Packing your garbage into the shape of a body, complete with binding rope, then leaving on the curb alongside your garbage bins is really not advised.

It's only garbage, but there's a very real risk of this prank being taken seriously. Don't recreate this prank. Do not leave garbage body unattended, and always let inquisitive folk in on the joke.

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

2 large black garbage bags and a length of thick rope

Step 2: Empty Trash As Normal

Collect garbage and put into large bag. You'll need both bags about 3/4 full. Almost any garbage will work, but soft garbage without any sharp edges or corners works best.

Step 3: Join Bags

Feed the opening of one bag into the other. They'll want to slip apart, so you might need to use a stapler to join the two openings and prevent them from separating.

Step 4: Lie Flat

Lie combined garbage bags flat on ground and massage into an oblong shape.

Wind rope around garbage bags in select locations to give the appearance of a body, paying special attention to tapering the body around the legs and keeping a spherical shape for the head.

Step 5: Continue Winding

Bind the body with the rope until you have a body like shape

Step 6: Leave at Neighbor's

This prank is best pulled off close to home. Leave this garbage body outside your neighbor's place on garbage day and sneak off to watch the havoc unfold from behind the bushes. When the panic starts, it's time to reveal the prank.

Of course, this prank is meant to be fun and not harmful. Make sure to confront the garbage pickup worker before they call the police and let them in on the joke! Or, instead of actually doing the prank, just show them this project and laugh at what could have been done.

Happy pranksgiving!

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