Introduction: Garcon: a Revolution in Bacon and Garlic to Destroy Your Arteries

I invented Garcon in late 2008, a full three months before I actually tried it out. The concept it simple. Garlic is awesome, bacon is awesome; how can we take just those two things and make something even more awesome? 

To make Garcon you start with thin cut bacon, of maple or any other desired variety, and fresh or pre-minced garlic (I suggest the stuff Trader Joe's sells if you aren't going the fresh route).

Roast your fresh garlic then mash and mince it into a nice paste, spreadable by butter knife.

Lay out the bacon and lather your garlic paste onto it as if buttering a piece of toast. Be sure to cover the entirety of one side of the bacon. 

Roll up each piece of bacon around itself with the Garlic on the inside. You'll be left with a spiral of bacony garlicy goodness. (If you're crazy and feeling a bit adventurous you can include a whole clove inside each rolled piece of bacon). 

Slay each Garcon roll with a toothpick to keep everything in place through the cooking process.

There are many ways to skin a cat, and many ways to cook this Garcon. I suggest using a deep fryer but if one is not readily available, the oven works just as well (and is probably healthier). Cook at some sort of slow speed or temperature to where you'll be able to cook the bacon all the way through as the insides are sometimes harder to crisp. One way to get around this is to microwave your bacon just a touch before rolling it up. 

Once it looks delightfully delicious and crisp enough for your liking, pull em out and let em dry on a paper towel or two.

Once you've stared at them long enough for them to cool, enjoy with friends and family.

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