Introduction: Garden Box and Flower Box From Two 42inch Pallets.

Here are some tools that you will need for the job. First I disassembled 2 pallets.
Saving all the nails, so we can reuse them.

Step 1: Step 2

I will double up each board that we took off the top of the skids and now nail cut runner boards to the ends of the top skid boards. Then butt up two by two top boards, and nail a cut runner board to the back side. Now nail the sides to the ends.

Step 2: Step 3

Roll out some landscape fabric overlapping it so that grass don't grow up in between it. staple it to the edges with the stapling gun. cut off excess with Xacto knife or razor knife.

Step 3: Step 4

Add topsoil I used 40 pound bags 10 of them.

Step 4: Step 5

Add your plants and then water.

Step 5: Step One of Flower Box.

You will need an opening in your deck like I have or attach it to your home or deck using shelf bracket, and screws.

Step 6: Step 2

Cut the front side and back to the lengths desired. Then nail them together using the nails that you saved. Then cut the bottom pieces to length. Nail them in place leaving gaps in between them so that way water can run out. If you do not do this you may over water your plants and cause root rot.

Step 7: Step 3

Add landscape fabric to the bottom just like in the garden box then add soil and you're ready to plant.

Step 8: Keep Critters Out

Had a driving net for golf. so I use the components to build this net cover to keep the cats out. first night I built it the cats were in it.

Step 9: Add Chicken Wire Because Plants Are Too Tall.

Add the 4 runner boards from the 2 skids and nail them to the four corners.

Step 10: Rollouts Some of the Chicken Wire

I used 25 foot long chicken wire about 42 inches high or wide. and starting with one corner stapling the beginning of the chicken wire to the first runner board, then then rolling it around the flower box, to the next runner board or corner stretching it then stapling it to that corner and continuing on. When you get to the end cut off the excess leaving a little bit extra so you can put 4 nails in the beginning bored and you'll have a gate for access to your plants.

Step 11: Complete

I'm very happy with the way my plants are doing and keeping the critters out of them.

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