Introduction: Garden Care.

Garden Care is a project which is used to help the people in watering their plants it a very cheep DIY project cost me almost 5$ including Arduino.

Items you need

  • Three LEDs
  • Arduino pro mini or Arduino neno.
  • some thin wires.
  • 1 resistor (10 ohm resistor will work).
  • nails.

All of these component are super easy to find and are very cheep.

Main idea

the main idea of this project is that I have a gardening hobby and some time I over water my plants r some time forget to give them water and they get unhealthy so I planed to make some thing super easy and super effective and I come up with this Idea to use Arduin.Now I want to share my project.

in the video below It is in action.

Step 1: Working Principle and Wiring.

We will insert two nails in the pot in which your plant is the one wire will get 5v from Arduino and other nail will be attached to the analog pin of Arduino analog pin 0 to be exact.


The voltage on analog pin will be directly proportional the moist in soil. Mean the more voltage on the analog pin more wet the soil is.By keeping it in mind we can celebrate it as giving it the water and noting the analog pin read.We will also use an 10k ohm resistor which is join to the analog pin and ground it will be used as a pull down resistor


wiring is super simple i connect all external parts to Arduino directly and use thin wire when needed. The systematic is given as a image.

Step 2: Programing.

The most fun part of this project is programing.

you just want to take the readings of over water,less water and balenced water then put an if else state to light up the lEDs. you can download the code for my setting.these values are for 4cm metallic nail 2cm apart from each other.

Step 3: Ending.

Just put every component in a project box and labell every LEDs and insert your all component in that box you can also put it under your land if you got a large pot or even garden. you can also use a pump which will automatically water your plants when needed but this project is end.

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