Introduction: Garden Climbing Hide-out

Here I will show, mainly with pictures how I build a climbing tower for the kids this spring

Step 1: Start Up

Hi guys. This spring I started buildning a backyard climbing tower for the kids to play with. I started out by surfing the net to find idéas and inspiration. One good side to get inspiration is

I started out to mark out the size of the structure on the ground and place ground ancors in the cornersand place 70*70 mm (3*3") wood in different lengths in the ancors. I used 2,50 m lengths where the roof is and 2 m at the others. The height of the upper floor had to be adjusted to the slide which should be 1.45 above the ground.

At this part I made mylargest mistake during the build since the bearing pole were not quite straight. Unfortunally I couldn´t see this until later when it was to late to correct

Step 2: Second Floor and Roof

Next step was to build the floor 1.45 m above the ground. I started to strenthen the build with 45*45 mm (1,5") poles all around and put some planks outside a bit higher, This way the floor could rest on the 45mm poles and the planks would cover the ends of the floor. Be sure to attach the 45mm poles properly so the kids will not fall through the floor later.

I also added planks at the bottom for stabilization and to attach the walls to later.

The roof were a rather simple constrauction. I measured at place where I wnted the roof and cut out pieces of the 45mm poles to put the roof on. I cut an angle at the top to make the pieces together. Then I just screwd planks to cover the roof.

Step 3: Walls and Finish

At this part the tower felt rather rocky but that got a lot better while attaching walls to the build. I could rather easy attach these walls to the planks already at place, as you can see at the pics. The windows are just holes cut out of the walls. I made a widow shelter below for stability.

The kids will use your new creation if you add some features to it. After I took these pictures we've added a bucket in a rope then can be pulled up or down. A rope ladder at a side, some climbing handles aat one side of the wall and a flag will soon be at place. A big part of the summer we also put a small plastic pool below the slide which was really populair.

Good Luck with your build...

Step 4: EDIT: Climbing Wall

I took some pictures of the climbing steps I put on one side of the tower this weekend. Just wanted to show them too.

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