Introduction: Garden Pyramid Trellis

Hiding under all of those bright blue morning glories in the center of the garden is a pyramid tower, built using 3 composite plastic fan trellises I bought at the local hardware store. Building this trellis takes 15 minutes or so and costs approximately $40.00. The tower can be used for any flowers and vegetables that love to climb.

Step 1: Materials List

Here's the list of materials I used to build the pyramid tower (you can find these items at most hardware stores and garden centers):

* 6 ft. fan trellises, wood or composite plastic--3 each (when growing plants such as hops that climb more than 20 feet, consider building a tower that is 12 feet high or taller)

* 9 inch plastic wire ties--9 each

* 6 inch terra cotta or plastic flower pot

* Paint (optional)

* Scissors

Finished pyramid can be used unpainted, but it's easier to paint both sides of the fan trellises before assembling the pyramid.

Step 2: Fastening & Painting

With the wide ends of the trellises down, hold the narrow ends of 2 trellises upright and join them tightly together with a wire tie where they meet. Be sure the wire tie is above the horizontal pieces, not below (see photo). Continue joining the 2 trellises together with wire ties for the next 2 sections, just above each horizontal piece of wood or plastic. Trim excess from the end of the wire tie after you pull it tightly to join the trellises securely. A wire tie can be added above the fourth (last) horizontal piece, but it isn't necessary because this section will be at ground level when it's in the garden.

After the first 2 trellises have been joined together, add the third trellis and fasten at each of the 3 horizontal pieces on both the left and right sides.

As I mentioned earlier, painting is optional, but it's definitely easier to do before assembling the tower, and it gives the trellis a complete finished appearance.

That's the last step. Now it's time to find a place in the garden.

Step 3: Garden Focal Point

After assembling and painting, I carefully anchored the 3 corners into the loosened soil by carefully stepping on the bottom horizontal pieces. Using too much force could break or damage the wood or plastic. Hops are growing in this photo. The tower easily supported the weight of the climbing vines, but the hops needed a much higher tower than 6 feet. Flowers and vegetables such as morning glories, clematis and beans are perfect for this trellis, and I'm sure there are many more that can be used.

This trellis was built four years ago and it's just as strong as when I built it. During the winter months, it lives out-of-the-way in a corner of the garage since we often have snow, ice, and high winds. Eventually, it may need to have a wire tie replaced and a fresh coat of paint, but for now, it creates a nice backdrop focal point in the sun garden.

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