Introduction: Gardening Without a Garden: Macrame Hanging Planter

Everyone has a dream. But everyday these dreams are pushed down by the constraints placed upon us by circumstance. My dream is to have a garden, but living in an apartment for the last decade with only a small concrete patio has put a damper on this dream.

But no more!

For years, I have lamented my lack of a yard to plant flowers in, but I have ignored the plentiful airspace just sitting outside my back door.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, or simply want to create a flying addition to an already existing garden, this is the Instructable for you. Today, I will teach you how to overcome obstacle and create a garden without a garden: a macrame hanging planter.


- 120' of twine

- pot

- two 2" metal rings

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- scissors

- ruler

Step 1: Measure & Cut the Twine

Measure and cut 28 50" strings.

Step 2: Learn the Lark's Head Knot

Fold a string in half and place one of the rings on top of the fold.

Pull the loop through the ring.

Pull the other end of the string all the way through the loop of string, without moving the ring.

Pull to tighten.

Step 3: Anchor Your Macrame

Using the Lark's Head knot you just learned, tie your strings to one of the rings.

Step 4: Learn the Josephine Knot

My name is Josephine, and when I learned there was a knot with my name, I couldn't do without it.

Create a loop with the string on the right, with the top of the loop going under the top of the string.

With the second string, cross the loop and bring it under the end of the other string.

Use the left string to go over the top of the right string, under the top of the loop, over itself in the middle of the loop and under through the bottom of the loop.

Pull to tighten.

Step 5: Get Knotting

Tie 6 rows of Josephine knots.

Step 6: Tie Some More Knots!

From here, make a triangle shape out of the following rows by only tying knots in certain spaces.

For the 7th row, tie four knots, skip over two, and tie four more knots.

For the 8th row, building off of only the knots made in the 7th row, tie three knots on either side.

For the 9th row, once again, building off of only the knots made in the 8th row, tie two knots on either side.

Finally top of the two triangles with one last knot.

Step 7: Separate String Into Four Sections

Step 8: Tie Off the Sections

Just use a basic knot to tie off each section just at the top of the pot.

Step 9: Braid Each Section

Separate each section into three and braid.

Step 10: Finish the Top

Gather all of your strings together at the top, pull them through the other ring, and fold over the strings.

Use another string to tightly wrap the loop into the place.

Step 11: Plant and Hang!

Finally, grab some soil and the plant you've always wanted to grow, plant it and hang your plant.

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