Introduction: Garlic Bread

well, its easy and delicious, why wont u try it?it just take only 15min for having such a delicious meal

Step 1: Ingredients

1.Garlic ... 3
2.Butter ... 250gr
3.Bread ... 6 toast bread (optional)
4.Parsley ,... half cup(or more)
5.salt and pepper
6. mozzarella cheese

Step 2: How to Mix

put everything in the slicer or mixer except bread and cheese.ok ur cream is ready.

Step 3: Get Ready

now cover one side of ur bread with the cream u made with butter and other stuffs, then a few slices of mushroom(optional), then u can cover it with mozzarella cheese. set oven on 200, u should ignite the grill (above) it takes 5-10 min , now its ready