Introduction: Garlic Olive Oil

Step 1: Yes..Garlic Olive Oil :)

My boyfriend and I just LOVE garlic and we went grocery shopping one day and discovered Garlic Olive Oil. We got really excited until we realized it was ten dollars for about a cup and a half. So I decided I would give it a try to make my own and share with my instructables friends who've taught me so much :D First things first: disclaimers. 1. This is not an exact science, it's all personal preference. 2. cooking comes naturally to me so I rarely use measurements (let alone exact ones). Now, to get this olive oil going you will need: -a small paring knife -cutting board -a head or few of garlic -olive oil -some sort of container to put it in (I repurposed an old rum bottle)

Step 2: The Tedious Part

So this is probably the most annoying part of the whole process: peeling, slicing, dicing, slivering and chopping the garlic. First, peel all the garlic at once (yep, I peeled ever clove from all three heads of garlic pictured). Make sure to get all the papery bits and have your cloves entirely peeled. I really love garlic so I used a lot. Now, after this it's all up to you want you want to do. I tried to have various sizes of garlic pieces in my oil. There really isn't science to this, I just thought varying sizes would be easier than trying to make them all the same. I slivered some cloves, diced others, left a couple whole and just butchered a few others. Go nuts, do whatever. There isn't really a wrong way :)

Step 3: Bringing It All Together!

Did you know garlic is sticky? Well if you didn't you will now :) add all your different cuts of garlic into your container. if it's shallow enough, cover the garlic in oil about a quarter inch above the garlic and use a skewer or shishkabob stick to stab the garlic and release more of the flavor into the oil.

Step 4: Tips, Tricks and Ideas.

--I have thought about simmering it in a pot and draining out the oil and garlic but I don't have the patience or supplies to do so. If you do, let me know how it turns out please! :) --it takes a few days for the garlic flavor to start becoming potent so make sure you plan ahead of time if you want this to be a main part of a meal! --mix it around every once in a while, shake up the oil or turn the bottle upside down. just agitate it really. -- I'm a college student on a pretty strict budget so I use an olive oil/canola oil blend that I find for cheap around my town. I'm sure higher quality oil would produce better results, but this is effective enough for our household without breaking the bank, so use what you like and what you can afford. the point is for this to NOT be expensive. --Lastly, I think this method could work with various herbs, spices and vegetables. I'm already thinking up a way to try rosemary infused, chili onion, and tons more. This recipe is super versatile and up to taste. Have fun with it! :)