Introduction: Garlic Rosemary Turkey Burgers

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A fragrant alternative to the boring hamburger. Easy to freeze for later, too.

Step 1:

Grate fresh garlic.

Step 2:

Finely chop fresh rosemary.

Step 3:

Add dried mustard and ground black pepper.

Step 4:

Squish together with ground turkey to mix. Detach small blobs for pattie formation.

Step 5:

Make nice big flat patties, and pile onto a plate.

Step 6:

Grill until nicely browned. Check interior with a sharp knife to make sure it bleeds (not pink).

Step 7:

Garnish in appropriate yuppie fashion.

Step 8:

Freeze extras between sheets of waxed paper. Stack them in pairs overnight, then transfer to zip-lock freezer bags for longer-term storage.