Introduction: Garry's Mod Engine

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This is an engine i found on youtube.

This was brought to my attention by Joschi174 of YouTube

The map is Gm_vehicleconstruct

Step 1: Requirements

The requirements of this instructable

Phx props

Step 2: Body

This part is about the construction of the body

p1: axis constrain the 3 iron beams onto the plate.

p2: follows from p1 but turn the top iron beams sideways like this.

p3: No Collide the wheel to the bottom iron beam and get it completely in the middle
of the beam and then Weld it.

p4: Axis constrain the other plate to the bottom iron beam and then weld the top 2 beams and both plates together.

p5: now get 2 more beams and put it parallel to the welded beams but do not weld these extra beams. Instead put sliders on both ends of the beams to the welded beams.

p6: place a rigid rope on the extra iron beam on the left and put it on this point.

p7: unfreeze the beam and wheel and the roped beam and rotate the beam till the beam is like this. Then place another rigid rope on the other beam and put it on the opposite side but near the bottom.

The body should be done by now.

Step 3: Wiremod Time

Time to do the wiring.

You need
The expression gate chip
the Adv. Input
Wire thrusters

The stuff listed here is what you need

p1: place the expression here or anywhere out of the way of the wheel.

p2: place the thrusters on both beams in this area.

p3: place the adv.input here. (still not in the way)

p4: no collide the gyroscope and put it in middle of beam but make sure you can still see it and then weld it there.

Wire Roll of the expression to the gyroscopes roll
Adv of the expression to the adv. input
Thruster on the left beam wire them both to T1 of the expression and the right side thrusters to T2.

Step 4: Finished

The finish of this instructable. im just going to throw this in for the finish

If you have problems with the engine then i can't help you. you need to tweak it yourself if you can.