Introduction: Gas Bottle Lamp

I like to give a second life to the objects we discard. I made a lamp which makes nice light patterns out of a 13 kg gas bottle. I made it to have it to be on the ground. It could be hanged, it weights 7.5 kg.

I also published it in a French site Ouiaremakers:

Lampe bouteille de gaz

This project is not so easy to do, and needs precautions, and perseverance. Be carefull with the gas, protect yourself, and enjoy!

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Step 1: Empty the Gas Bottle

Even if the bottle is empty, there is still a little of gas in. To completely remove the gas in order to be able to work on the bottle safely, you need to remove the valve. It is not so easy because it is has a conical thread and some glue in.

I attached the bottle to a tree and put some metal bars through the bottle base to the ground to 'try' to block the bottle. Then I used a plumber wrench with a long tube to loosen the valve. The bottle turned butt it worked.

You must do that in open air because some gas goes out of the bottle.

Since then I have found a better technique: I sit on the horizontal bottle, the valve between my legs, and I knock on the wrench with a hammer. It works better.

Once the valve is removed, you have to fill the bottle completely with water to be sure there is no more gas in.

Step 2: Cut the Bottom

I marked a line at the limit of the cylindrical part and then I cut the bottom with a metal grinder.

Step 3: Drill Holes

I bought a robust tool diameter 50 mm. I wanted to use my drilling machine on its stand, but the size of the bottle didn't allow to use it normaly.

I put the drilling machine at 180° to the back, and I put the stand on wood blocks. I attached the stand with some clamps. It is 'systeme D' as with say in french, but it works. Not so stiff nevertheless....

I used cutting oil, and it worked fine for the cutting, but I must confess my old drilling machine didn't resist. It was the occasion to buy a powerfull one, and then it was ok.

5 rows of 8 holes: 40 holes in total. This project needs some patience and perseverance.

Step 4: Enlarge the Valve Hole for the Electrical Socket

I used again my stand to enlarge the hole for the socket, and I had also to drill from inside. The holes of the bottle were perfect to block the rotation of the drilling machine.

Step 5: Remove the Paint

I used different tools to remove the paint, first with the grinder, and finally with a nylon brush on the drilling machine for the details.

Step 6: Paint Inside and Outside

Before painting I degreased the bottle with alcool. then I wrapped up the bottle with protective tape like a mummy.

And then I painted the inside using orange spraypaint. There were some drips but it is not visible since it is inside.

After removing the tape, there were some paint also aoutside, and it needed sanding a little bit again.

Then I sprayed the outside with varnish. I used some sticks to maintain the handle up to be able to paint everything.

Step 7: Assemble the Electrical Stuff

The body of the socket is glued to the bottle with epoxy adhesive.

I made a hole for a screx in the handle to be able to attach the ground wire to the body of the handle and ensure grounding of the bottle.

The wire and the bottom part of the socket are mounted inside the handle, and finally assembled to the bottle.

That'a all folks.

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