Introduction: Gear Adapter

This is a simple gear converter/connector that can be very useful in steampunk or gear contraptions. This is my first intractable, designed to connect two different gear types.


Tinker cad, an auto desk design program.

Step 1: Step One: Collect the Parts

In this part, we will be gathering several parts, including: an 8 tooth red pro-gear, a 20 tooth grey useful gear, and an 18 tooth metric blue gear. We also need to get a central rod, which we will use to keep the gears together. I used a 79 unit long, 3 diameter rod.

Step 2: Step Two, Assemble the Gear Adapter

We now line up all of the gears on the rod. You can put the gears on with any amount of spacing between them. if this were 3D printed, the bar would not allow the gears to slide around. The bar and the gears should all be one object. The assembled gear adapter can be put at any angle, but any connected gears must then be placed at a supplementary angle to the gear adapter.

Step 3: Step Three: Putting Your Gear Adapter Into a Machine With Multiple Types of Gears

At this point, you would put this gear adapter into any machine that needs to change gear types. In this example, I used the machine that I displayed as not working in the beginning of this instructable. For this machine to work, the gear adapter must be placed at a supplementary angle to the gears you want to adapt.