Introduction: Gear Motor Car

Hi, I am Rafeeq from white field nook. Today we will show u how to make gear motor car using gear motor.



  • 2 Gear Motor.
  • Thick Straw.
  • 9v Battery.
  • Switch.
  • Battery clip.
  • Ice cream stick.
  • Wires
  • Glue stick.

Step 1:

Step: 2

  • Take two gear motor and ice cream stick.
  • Stick the gear in the opposite side in ice cream with help of glue stick.
  • And connect the wires to the gear motor.

Step 2:


  • Take thick straws
  • And stick the wheels to the gear motor with the help of thick straw.
  • Both the side stick same.

Step 3:


  • Take wires and connect the wires to the gear motor.
  • Connect the battery to switch and gear motor.
  • Stick the switch and connect the wires to it.

Step 4:


  • Stick the 9v battery on the ice cream stick.
  • Connect the battery wires to the battery.
  • When we on the switch the car moves forward.
  • Now the gear motor car is ready to move.