Introduction: Geek Cupcakes

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We made these cupcakes for our 16 Bit party. Everyone had to come as an old school video game character. The cakes themselves are really easy to make, and the decorating was pretty simple too you just need the right things...

More pictures from the party, my friends costumes were amazing!

Step 1: You Will Need

a) Edible glitter - we used holographic gold
b) Yellow fondant icing
c) Circle cookie cutters
d) Star cookie cutters

Iced cupcakes (not pictured) i used the recipe from my Zelda heart container cupcakes which is really easy to make. I made the cakes and while they were cooling made the icing shapes so they had time to set' slightly. I then iced the cupcakes and immediately stuck on the icing chapes.

Step 2: Roll Out the Icing

Dust your work surface with icing sugar, and use a dusted rolling pin to roll out your icing to about 4mm thick. After every 'roll' with the pin pick the icing up and spin it around to stop it sticking to the worktop.

For the Rings: First cut out circles using a circle cookie cutter smaller than the diameter of your cakes. Then cut an inner circle out of the middle. I used the top of my icing nozzle for the inner circles as i didnt have a cookie cutter small enough.

For the Stars: Cut them out using a star cookie cutter smaller than the diameter of the cakes.

Step 3: Stick the Shapes On

Carefully pick each shape up and put on a plate, i did this by sliding a blunt knife underneath and using this to then slide them onto a plate. We sprayed the icing shape with a little water before glittering to help it stick.

To get an even sprinkling of glitter scoop some out of the pot using a knife and blow it over the icing shapes.

Use your knife again to scoop each shape up and place it on a cupcake!

Step 4: Done!

The last step was using a round ended knife to press in the 'eye' shapes on the stars.

ta daaa! Geeky cupcakes :)