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Hey guys! Just thought I'd post a quick pic instructable of my Halloween costume. Later on, I might add some pictures on Halloween night, but I can't be sure at this time.
Top to bottom, I used super-strength hair gel to slick back my hair. I used brown eyeliner to thicken and lengthen my eyebrows and create the faintest little mustache. I used stick eyeliner, because I knew that would be less difficult to remove, and I knew I could put it near a sensitive area like my eyes and mouth without worrying about accidentally poisoning myself. The glasses are stolen 3D glasses with the lenses punched out (but not literally punched out, that probably wouldn't work out too well).
The clothes I received from my aunt Marsha quite a while ago, but I'm sure you can find a frilly shirt, white smoking or suit jacket and grey trousers at your local suit and tux rental place, thrift store, etc. The shoes are mine, and yes, those are Star Trek insignias for Med and Science Officers and Bridge Crew. Thank you for noticing. The bow tie (not shown) was made from scrap fabric from my local fabric store, Beverly's. Lovely people, I high;y recommend them.
Thanks for reading you guys, and I hope you have a great October and an awesome Halloween.:)
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