Introduction: Gelatin Filled Fruit Prank

This is a super fun prank that can be pulled on or by kids. It's great for April Fools or any day that you just want to liven up the mood. I also do this with margarita flavored jello that I put in limes for Cinco De Mayo. Just top with your choice of salt or sugar once the jello is set.

What you need:

  • Fruit that you would like to fill with gelatin such as lemons, oranges, or limes. Remove the juice and/or fruit for another use. Remove the flesh/skin inside down to the white part with either your finger nails or a spoon so you have a nice clean cup.
  • Any flavor of jello you would like. It's up to you whether you want to put blue berry flavored jello in the fruit or the same color/flavor as the fruit such as lemon jello in the lemon cup. In this case, I used a blue store bought jello and made my own lemon gelatin since I needed to empty out the lemons anyway. A juicer comes in handy if you're going to make your own gelatin.
  • A mini muffin tin or another container with a slightly smaller diameter that your fruit to hold it up right. Make sure you have enough room in your fridge for this container to sit flat.

Step 1: Make Gelatin and Fill the Fruit

  1. Make your jellos according to either the package or recipe that you have. You can find any flavor gelatin recipe on the internet with a quick Google search. If you use a recipe for a fruit flavored gelatin, I highly recommend straining the juice both before you add the gelatin and after you've heated the gelatin with the juice to remove any excess pulp. The gelatin will come out clearer and not lumpy. I only strained it after I heated it with the gelatin and wish I had thought to do it before. It still worked, but I would have liked it to be clearer.
  2. Put the hollowed out fruit cups onto your mini muffin pan or whatever container you have to hold them upright. Pour the liquid gelatin in using a pitcher with a spout or ladle. I used a small ladle which worked better for the small lemons.
  3. Put in fridge to set for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Step 2: Cut the Fruit in Front of the Person You Want to Prank

  1. Take the fruit out of the fridge and put it on a cutting board with the cut side down before the person you're trying to prank comes in. They won't know it's gelatin until you cut into it. Build the anticipation if you can by asking them if they're excited for orange (or whatever fruit) slices.
  2. Cut the fruit yourself or ask them to cut it to reveal the surprise!
  3. Enjoy the fruity gelatin of your labor!
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