Introduction: Generate Electricity From Vinegar.

This is a project in which we learn how to make electricity from vinegar.


  • 1.1 m copper wire
  • 2.5+ steel nails
  • 3.vinegar
  • tray


it can generate energy which is enough to light up a small 6mm is simple science project that you can do at home. You can increase number of nails and vinegar and wire to make even larger voltage. You can see the video given below for checking my voltage is approximately 4 v and 10 milliamps.

Step 1: Connections.

one question that arise is that how to connect vinegar with copper and steel? it is simple pour vinegar in any container I use ice container you can also use egg boxes and stat connecting the with one another using steel and copper is explained in systematics. given below.

Step 2: Over All Procedure.

first of all collect the stuff that is mentioned in 1 step. Then pour the vinegar in the parts of ice tray and make the bridges of copper and steel just connect the steel nail to the copper wire in such way that the have conductive connection.. Place them in vinegar according to the systematics. Then use your multi meter to check the voltage. And enjoy your success.

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