Introduction: Generic Tablet Stand (iPad)

This little hack is very useful if you need a stand to hold your tablet in the upright position. You can adjust to use it in landscape mode, however, most cases can support your tablet in landscape but almost none can hold in portrait orientation. So to do this you will only need a metal cloth hanger, a couple of little pieces of rubber and cutting pliers to cut the hanger.

Step 1: Cut the Lower Part of the Hanger in Half.

As shown in the picture, cut the lower part of the metal hanger in half. Be aware that it may be a list hard to cut it if you don't have a decent cutting plier.

Step 2: Bending the Hanger

Now that you've made the cut in the lower middle part, you should fold the hanger to get the shape you want. By bending it you will be able to adjust the angle the tablet will be and the support it will have. The most important part here is to make to small folds on the tip of the hanger in the location you just cut. This fold should direct the tip of the metal upwards so that it can support the tablet and keep it from sliding froward. After bending them, use to small pieces of rubber to protect the tablet from the exposed metal tip.

Make sure that the 2 sides have enough clearance to make the stand very stable.

Step 3: That's It!

I won't go into detail about how I modelled my hanger into the stand because it's a matter of preference, just make sure you bend it in a way that it is stable enough to support the tablet.

If you are having trouble or have any suggestion, please leave a comment bellow.

This was a very quick and shallow post, but I wanted to share in case you are struggling on finding a simple and quick way to make a cheap tablet stand at your home. I hope it was at least a little bit useful.

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