German Jalapeno Cheese Onion Meatballs Recipe

Introduction: German Jalapeno Cheese Onion Meatballs Recipe

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500g minced meat

200g gouda cheese

1 half cup breadcrumbs

1 hand jalapeno slices

1 egg

2 small onions

salt & pepper

Step 1: Preparation

Scatter salt & pepper to the meat. Add breadcrumbs & the egg cut the onions in small pieces and give it to it. Cut the jalapeno slices and add them. Stir everything together. Cut the gouda in cubes. Form small pattys out of the meat lay a bit cheese between two pattys and form a stuffed meatball.

Step 2: Finish

Lay them on a plate and put them in the oven at 180 degrees celsius circulating air for 30 minutes.

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    5 years ago

    Not to be critical here... But exactly what is German about this dish? Germans don't make many hot and spicy dishes, and when they do, it never includes jalapeños (coming froma german ;))


    Reply 5 years ago

    Yup yup. The spiciest thing they use is horseraddish. The difference between jalapeño spice and horserassish spice is that horseraddish has isothiocyanates that make it "hot" whereas jalapeños have capscacin producing the hot. They are 2 different kinds of hot that they distinguish. I had my german family in the states, and when they got here, we ate somewhere that had hot food. My uncle ordered something that had jalapeños in it. He took a few bites, and couldn't finish it citing that it was too spicy for him to finish.