Introduction: Germination Process in Various Growing Mediums

Lets compare the difference!!!

Step 1: Introduction (Started Feb 27 2014)

We are working on an experiment that compares the germination process between different growing mediums. The types of growing mediums we have are,

  • Pete moss
  • Sand
  • 50/50 mix of sand and pete moss
  • Compost mix (Home Screened)

We chose to use a radish seed, each seed is planted at the same depth under the soil and receives the same amount of water on a daily basis. We are going to update as we go.

Step 2: What You Will Need.

To perform this experiment on your own you will need.

  • 4 308 pots
  • Seed of your choice
  • sand
  • Pete Moss
  • Clay soil mix
  • tags to label your pots
  • somewhere warm with good light to put your plants

Step 3: First Sprout (March 3rd 2014)

Today we found the first seed to germinate was the one in Pete Moss, it grew rapidly through the course of the day.

We have constructed our own little greenhouse to keep humidity in the air and the soil moist for pristine growing conditions.

Step 4: Second Sprout (March 4th 2014)

Today we noticed that another sprout has emerged. This sprout came from the home screened mix that has more of a clay base.

Step 5: Third Sprout (March 18 2014)

We finally noticed that the radish seed sprouted in the sand and organic matter mix, the growth has not been very good though.

Step 6: Final Results (March 31 2014)

After performing this experiment with different growing mediums we noticed that the best medium to start a seed in is Pete Moss. With large gaps between the sprouting and growing process the sand medium did not sprout at all. The growth of the Radish in Pete Moss was much more rapid and better, as you can see in the picture.

In conclusion Pete Moss is the best followed by Clay, 50/50 mix and then sand.