Introduction: Get Fit! At-Home Workout Creator

It's time to do some good old-fashioned exercise!


I know, I know, but it's awesome when you get used to it.

Step 1: Create the Chart - Part One

First, you need to create a chart. Draw a 5 by 5 chart on a piece of paper. In the first column, write the following from top to bottom:


Squats With Pulses - Squat down, come up an inch, go down an inch, and come back up.

Squats With Calf Raises

Jump Squats

Squat Burpees - Squat down, place your hands in the middle of your feet, run your feet back, place them back outside of your hands, and then come back up.

Step 2: Create the Chart - Part Two

Write the following, top to bottom, in the second column:

Knee Plank

Hand Plank

Elbow Plank

Hand Plank With Bent Elbows

One Arm Plank - Keep your hips level.

Step 3: Create the Chart - Part Three

Write the following, top to bottom, in the third column:

Knee Push-Ups


Tricep Push-Ups - Narrow, with the arms right next to the torso

One Leg Push-Ups - Alternating

Knee Extension Push-Ups - Bend the knee, lower down, and extend the knee toward the head. Then extend the leg out to be parallel to the ground. - Alternate

Step 4: Create the Chart - Part Four

Write the following in the fourth column, top to bottom:

Half Jacks - Alternate legs. Move only one out at a time. Use both arms every rep.

Split Jacks - Instead of moving the feet out, move one forward and the other back. Alternate.

Jumping Jacks- Make sure your heels never touch the ground. Your calves will thank you later.

Squat Jacks - In the outside position, squat down.

High Knee Runs - Seems easy, but get your knees up to your xiphoid. That's where the ribs split.

Step 5: Create the Chart - Part Five

In the last column, write the following top to bottom:

Step Kicks - Kick butt, place foot down. Do not lift other foot until first foot is down.

Windmill Butt Kicks: Extend your arms beside you. Rotate your torso so your right foot touches your left foot. While you do that, kick butt with your right foot. Now touch your right foot with your left hand. While doing this, you will kick butt with your left foot.

Butt Kicks - Don't cheat yourself ; KICK THOSE GLUTES!

Boxer Butt Kicks - Punch and Butt Kick. Oh, and also: Don't cheat yourself ; KICK THOSE GLUTES!

Kick Jumps - Jump up while kicking butt with both feet.

Step 6: Week One


Easy Workout:

Top Row


Easy-Medium Workout

Second Row


Medium Workout

Middle Row


Medium-Hard Workout

Fourth Row


Hard Workout

Last Row

Step 7: Weeks Two and Three

For these weeks, each day you will choose one category to focus on, and with that column you will choose the hardest exercise, the one on the bottom. For the other columns, make sure you have selected one per row and one per column, kind of like a Sudoku. Make sure you do all the spaces at least once a week. Example:

Monday : 1,1 - 2,2 - 3,3 - 4,4 - 5,5

Tuesday : 1,2 - 2,3 - 3,4 - 4,5 - 5,1

Wednesday : 1,3 - 2,4 - 3,5 - 4,1 - 5,2

Thursday: 1,4 - 2,5 - 3,1 - 4, 2 - 5,3

Friday: 1,5 - 2,1 - 3,2 - 4,3 - 5,4

Step 8: Weeks Four and Five

These weeks, you will not do any of the Row One exercises. You will choose two columns to be in the second row, one in the third, one in the fourth, and one in the last.

Step 9: Weeks Six and Seven

This time, you will eliminate both rows one and two. You will have three columns in row three, one in row four, and one in row five.

Step 10: Weeks Eight and Nine

Now there are no row three exercises. Choose one in row five and four in row four.

Step 11: Weeks Ten, Eleven, and Twelve

These are the last three weeks of the Get Fit! program. This week, you will have all row five exercises.

Step 12: Performing the Workouts

You will repeat each exercise four times. It is a 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off program. In week 11, you will shorten the rest to 12 seconds. In week 12, you will shorten the rest to 10 seconds. The workout times will be as follows:

Weeks 1-10

20 Minutes + Warmup + Cool Down

Week 11

19 Minutes + Warmup + Cool Down

Week 12

18 Minutes 20 Seconds + Warmup + Cool Down

Step 13: Warmup and Cool Down

For the warmup, I suggest getting your legs warmed up with forward and reverse lunges, your core warmed up with sit-ups, and your arms with arm circles. You can do these exercises for 30 seconds each, with no rest in between.

Cool Down:


Touch your toes from a standing and seated position.

Pick up your foot with the same hand so it is bent almost 180 degrees. Push away from the butt with the foot and pull toward the butt with the hand. It's so amazing that we can create tension to work out with.

Sit down with your feet touching and your knees out to the side. Now bend over so you are staring into the diamond made by your legs.

Hold stretches for 15 seconds.

Step 14: Creating Your Own Chart

The great thing about this workout creator is that you can personalize it. As long as you have different categories of workouts in the different columns, and the workouts get progressively more difficult as you go down the rows, you will still have intense 20 minute workouts that you can use for 12 weeks.

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