Introduction: Get Free Premium ( No Ad ) Cards From VistaPrint

VistaPrint is a well known provider of online printing services that offers a line of free business cards in exchange for advertising on the back. These cards come in a limited number of designs and are readily identifiable by their design and distinctive advertising banner.

This video shows how to get free premium cards which offer a much, much larger choice of designs and layouts. This offer does not include shipping which must be paid for when the order is completed. VistaPrint prefers PayPal but offers an online secure shopping cart as well.

I am not associated with VistaPrint or PayPal in any way other than as a satisfied customer.

The process itself it pretty straightforward. One simply gotes to VistaPrint, selects the 'Premium Business Card' link from the list and chooses a card design.

The personalized elements ( name, company, phone numbers ) are filled in, when the card design is ready we register with VistaPrint and elect to receive their special offers email.

When this comes it includes a special offer for free premium business cards.

We click on the link which takes us back to VistaPrint. We resume editing our design and go through the check out process.

First we select the shipping quantity ( 250 free ) and then the real marshmallow comes up, shipping time. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.....

VistaPrint does not include free shipping in their offer. Time is money and you get what you pay for. The 'slow boat' is 21 days and costs $5 and change while three day turn around is $26. There is no way around this and if you can find 250 comparable cards for less than the $5.20 and shorter turn around time buy them.

Next comes the card stock, there is an upgrade premium for recycled paper.

Do I think the $5 covers VistaPrint's costs on this, including the card printing? Probably. Do I think this is a valuable service and since you've saved $19.99 you ought to put that money to good use? Absolutely. Please consider upgrading your card or purchasing additional items to support this valuable service.

The checkout process will present many, many opportunities to upgrade your card and add other products such as rubber stamps, key chains, magnets and calendars. Simply click next until you hit the checkout point.

At checkout you must pay for shipping and any upgrades or additional features. Vistaprint prefers PayPal but they also offer a secure shopping cart if that is your preference. I have used Vistaprint for years and have never had a security or charge issue with them.

As you can probably guess I created a temporary email account at gmail to make this video which came in handy.

I hope you enjoy this video and your new free premium business cards!