Introduction: Get Swole!

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Working out is not a hobby, not something you do, it is a lifestyle!! It is a fact that women love men who work out! It is a fact that men with more muscle definition than the average males gets more female attention!

Step 1: Make a Plan and Stick to It!

The one thing that messes people up when they work out is that they expect results to come over night, NO!!! It's a process just like everything else! Make yourself a plan, get a trainer and be prepared to put in the work for an extended period of time to get your results. Remember, half ass effort, half ass results!

Step 2: Set Goals!

When your starting out, and your plan has been made, the next step is to set goals. Make sure that your goals are reachable according to you and what you are actually trying to do when you workout. Also, don't try and make your goals to be set for like 3 months out, NO! Make your goals by week or to go from every other week. When you do this method you start to hit more goals, which does nothing but keep giving you motivation to keep going to try and hit more goals for next week. An example of how to plan out your goals would be like:

Week 1: Eat 4 salads for the week and walk a total of 5 miles.

Week 2: Eat 4 salads and 2 fruits twice a day everyday this week. Walk a total of 7 miles.

Week 3: Eat 3 fruits everyday of the week and continue the salad regiment. Walk a total of 7 miles and jog 1 mile.

This method is just an example of how you can set up your goals to fit you and make you better at the same time.

Step 3: Find a Gym!

You should feel as though your gym is like your sanctuary, and you just don't go praise anywhere. Finding he right gym is important in your development. For example, if you go to a gym where there are body builders most of the time that is either going to help you in two ways and they are: 1. Either motivate you to be like them, or 2. you're going to want to be like them in an expedient way so you're going to try and do more than what your body is ready for and end up hurting yourself. Also, it depends on whether you want to be a big gym or a small gym. There are benefits of both, like:

Big Gym- More people there, so you can ask around and get advice from more experienced people who work out alot and have been working out for some time now. Also, in a bigger gym there is going to be the availabilty for more top notch personal trainers because they usually go to the bigger gyms to get more clients.

Small Gym- You don't have to worry about machines or benches being occupied. Also, if you hire a personal trainer there is a more one on one feel that you will get because there are not alot of people there so there is no one interrupting your session.

Step 4: The Right Ways to Work Out!

As a man, you should run, walk, and occasionally do yoga, but the real results come from getting your tail in the gym. You can never go wrong if you follow the rain method of working out. We call it the RAIN method because if you do it right, you'll be so sweaty it will look like rain just poured all over you!


1.) R- REPS
         When working out getting the maximum reps possible is the chief goal that you want to shoot for. Reps break down the fibers in your muscle, when this happens your body starts to recover. During this recovery process your body fills these muscles up with lactic acid. Lactic acid is produced inside the body, in the muscle tissue, and it forms when carbohydrates are being broken down by strenuous activity.

2.) A- Attitude 
          While working out, your attitude is the most important thing because that is the one thing you can control. Sometimes you can't control how many reps you do or how long you can work out because your body might give out, but with a good attitude you can find a way to do something else that will make you better as well. Attitude is the only thing you need to get better and to get swole!

3.) I- Intensity
         The key to having a great workout is to be intense! Intensity with every set and every rep no matter what excersise you're doing will creat the maximum reults.

4.) N- Never Quit
          No matter how hard it starts to get, no matter how bad your body hurts, you cannot quit because the moment you quit, it becomes a habit. Practicing bad habits is what creates a bad lifestyle. We want a good lifestyle so keep pushing, get that extra rep, and if you're running sprints then get that extra step pass the line. Never quit becuase that little bit is what makes the difference between being great and being average, and that's just in life.

Step 5: Stay Motivated!

What truly motivates you to want to be swole? Is it the endless amount of girls that like dudes with muscles? Is it the boost in self confidence you'll get from waking up every morning looking your self in the mirror and saying "Damn, I look good!" Maybe it is something more serious, like health problems. When I say get swole, I don't actually mean to be jacked or for you to be ripping shirts when you put them on. The point of truly getting swole is to create a better lifestyle for yourself, a healthier lifestyle. When you feel great on the inside, that projects to how you are on the outside. You start to talk different, walk different, and even do better. This program is meant to better you not tear you down. So find your motivation and keep it on your mind as you work out, because with that motivation, it will make it easier for you to reach your goals.

Step 6: Day by Day!

Day By Day you get better and better! The only competiton you have is with yourself, so each day you need to focus on getting better than the you that you were yesterday! First way to do that is have a etter attitude than you did the day before. Your attitude controls everything, without a good attitude, there is nothing that will help you get better and you are wasting a day. Also, Increase the weight that you are doing for one excersise that day. You may be doing ten excersises but its only your third day. Put that weight on there and do one to two extra reps and thats another way you get better.

Step 7: Push Yourself!

Go Harder! The way that you get better each day is by pushing yourself. You never know how far you can run until you start running. This step is for when you're around week two or three and you're waiting on the results to start popping out but you still don't see them. You have to push through the frustration and keep doing your routine because you know that it will pay off in the long run. There is only one true way to push yourself and that is to just do it! I know that is not very helpful but honestly pushing yourself is just you expressing effort. And in the words of the great Ray Lewis "Effort is between you and you"! It's going to take time but the harder you push yourself the greater the reward will be!

Step 8: Nutrition- Eat Right!

You can only push your body so far before you need to refuel it. Your body is a machine, it can go the extra mile as long as you take care of it. The proper way to take care of your body is to make sure you are eating the right foods. Fruits, vegetables, and water are the necessities that everyone knows about, but there are other foods and drinks that help out as well.

Step 9: Reward Yourslef!

The best part to working hard is when you can reward yourself, or as I like to call it, have a cheat day! This means that after about 3 or 4 weeks of going at it hard, eating right, and sticking with your work out plan, you deserve a day where you cheat on your diet. For example, you've been eating baked chicken with no skin and asparagus, why don't you fry that chicken and eat some turnip greens, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, and corn bread. Basically just pig out because you deserve it. And if you've been working out and eating right then the cheat day should not hurt you one little bit. Do the cheat day every 4 weeks or so.

Step 10: Just Do It!

The reason why most people still don't work out is because they fill their heads up with excuses for why they can't do it. If it's not "it's too time consuming" then they say "no, it's just too hard, and I've worked out before and nothing happened". Listen you have to just do it, seriously. The hardest part is starting. If you can get through that first week then everything else is cake. Believe in yourself, trust yourself, keep going, and I know that the results you want will come to you!