Introduction: Get Weather Data Using Python and Openweather API

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  1. API key and url from openweather site.
  2. Request (for HTTP requests) library for Python.

Step 1: Get API Key and URL From

  1. Create account in
  2. After you login you will get the API key as shown in image.
  3. Go to the API option
  4. Go to API doc option as shown in image.
  5. Now copy the link to paste it in the pyhton code.

Step 2: Install Request Library for Python

  1. Open cmd and type this (pip install requests)
  2. now open pyhton shell
  3. And type import requests
  4. if there is no error you are good to go.

Step 3: Python Code

import requests

city = input("Enter City:")

url = '{}&appid={Enter your API key here}&units=metric'.format(city)

res = requests.get(url)
data = res.json()

humidity = data['main']['humidity']
pressure = data['main']['pressure']
wind = data['wind']['speed']
description = data['weather'][0]['description']
temp = data['main']['temp']

print('Pressure: ',pressure)
print('Humidity: ',humidity)