Pocket Size CO (carbon Monoxide) Detector

Introduction: Pocket Size CO (carbon Monoxide) Detector

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As the name says this is a pocket sized CO detector which is used to detect Carbon monoxide in air our goal was to make this device portable and which fits in pocket size.

Now a days we are facing problem of air Pollution due to industrialization every day harmful gases are released into air and even vehicles releasing harmful Carbon monoxide.

So we thought of making this project which we could carry anywhere and check the air condition whether it is clean or polluted.

We have build this project in a affordable budget,it costed around 12 USD.

Step 1: Parts Used

Parts used in this projects are :-

  1. Arduino Pro Mini
  2. Oled 128*96 Display
  3. MQ9 Carbon Monoxide Sensor
  4. Li polymer battery
  5. Li polymer battery charger (Extracted from a old Powerbank)
  6. led 2mm x1
  7. Slide Switch
  8. Screws
  9. Cardboard
  10. Masking tape

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Step 3: Arduino Code

Step 4: Soldering and Building Case

Important tips:

  • Make sure you have a common VCC andGround point to complete the circuit (shown in image 3).
  • Switch is connected between positive of charger positive output and common VCC point.
  • The Green led was use to replace the onboard led of charger board just solder some thin flexible wires to led`s legs and solder them on the place of on board led.

BE CAREFUL !!! Desoldering the male headers from the LCD and Gas Sensor module can be a tedious task because male headers are soldered using Lead Free solder which requires more heat to melt down, so be careful and have patience while desoldering them otherwise you might damage some solder pads or tracks.

Step 5: Final Output

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    Thanks for sharing your diagram! This is useful!


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    Welcome, I am glad you liked it.