Introduction: Getting Fit

This is a simple workout regimen that can be done a few times a week and can be added upon based on fitness level and endurance. You may be able to add more exercises, reps, time and sets to this exercise.

Step 1: Workout Gear

Make sure to have good workout clothes. That includes some gym shorts or sweats and a gym shirt you do not mind sweating in. you will need a good pair of running shoes or some form of comfortable sports performance shoes.

Step 2: Workout Space + Workout

All you need is a small space in your living room, family room or downstairs area clear of furniture and clutter.

This exercise will be done in 2-3 rounds and go at your pace. (you are not training for the Olympics)

Step 3: Warm Up

Start your workout with warming up and doing some jumping jacks. Do 6 rounds of 20 second jumping jacks and rest 30 seconds in between each set.

Step 4: Push-ups

Start with 10-15 push-ups for your first workout. Position your arms so that they are inline with your wrists going to the bottom position.

Step 5: Planks

The next exercise are called planks and you will do these for one minute or to failure.

Step 6: Standing Squats

Your next exercise will be standing squats. Start the exercise standing up straight with your feet shoulder length apart. You should do 10-15 reps and go slow so that you can feel the burn. (make sure knees stay behind toes on the way down and stay on your heels)

Step 7: Double Crunch (Not a Taco Bell Product)

Get on your back for this next exercise and cross your arms over your chest. Contract your core before you start and make sure your knees are bent slightly. For each rep (15-20) make sure to touch elbows to knees. (Make sure to not pull with your upper body)

If you feel it in your neck, your doing them wrong. Relax and start over making sure you are contracting and using your core to pull.

Step 8: Mountain Climbers

Get into the push-up position and lift your knees to the opposite arm and try to touch your elbow. Rotate each arm and leg doing 20 reps per side.

Step 9: Wall Sits

In the same room, have your back against the wall and squat down. Make sure that your legs are parallel (90 degree angle) to the floor and remain in this position for 1 minute. Keep your hands up and do not rest them on your body for support.

Step 10: High Knees

This will be your last workout.......Your almost there!

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder length apart and raise your knees to your hands. Have your hands at least waist high and repeat for each leg 20x.

Step 11: Cool Down and Stretch

After you have finished both rounds do not forget to stretch!