Getting Mac OS 7 on an Ipod Touch.




Introduction: Getting Mac OS 7 on an Ipod Touch.

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Ok guys. if u have read my other instructables you will find out that i am very bored at running just the ipod touch operating system by itself. i need more. so, i decided to make this entertaining little instructable for some peeps like me.
Of Course u need an Ipod Touch that is JAILBROKEN! and i cant garuntee it will work on anything other than an ipod touch 1G because thats what i run off of. but no worries things will probably work for u to.
If anyone needs help like if they want to know where to get some more apps for this little minimac comment and rate and i will tell yall.

important information:

If you press the home button while the emulated mac has disks inserted, it will suspend. To quit Mini vMac properly, eject all disks before pressing home. When Mini vMac is suspended, it shows the mac's screen in its icon.
means suspending could slow down your ipod

get more minimac apps at:

also guys i really really feel like i left something out in this instructable!!!!!!! if u find it tell me at

Step 1: Getting the Files.

Ok first i want to say that this is 100 % legal because Apple puts all old software for free download at
So i have made a .rar-archive with a few free mac programs and Mac OS 7.
Here is the link:
The following install progress is the same on both disks:
After downloading, extract it using Winrar.
Add this Cydia Source over Manage -> Sources -> Add
Download minivmac. (Category: Emulators)

Step 2: Installing.

SSH into your ipod.
Open /Applications/ and now upload the extracted stuff.
When ready:
Open the Minivmac app. Swipe left with two finger. Select the disk called 24M...
Now Mac os 7 starts!
To use the apps just click on the harddrive symbol

Step 3: Instructions.

Tap with 2 fingers for toggled screen size.
Swipe up with two fingers to show the keyboard, down to hide it. which by the way i am sorry but the keyboard swipes r not that sensitive.
Swipe left with two fingers to insert disks.
Swipe right with two fingers for settings.

Step 4: GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, old as crap Mac OS on your ipod. it doesnt have internet. so what are you to do? GAMES OF COURSE!
get a disk with the GAMES on it,

then, after u extracted the DSK file out, just SSH it to /Applications/
THEN UR DONE. open up minivmac. swipe to fingers to the left, select the 24m disk first!!!!!!! thats the system disk! then, for the games, swipe to the left again to get the disk menu up again, and THEN u can select the games disk and it will insert it. there. just open the newly inserted games disk ( which is on ur desktop to the right ) and open it up find a game read the readme. then u can play. AND GUYS I TOOK LOTS OF PICS FINALLY!

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    13 years ago on Introduction

     i am now trying this out and i have a question.  i follow your link to for games but it tells me its no longer available. do you have any other links for this?  



     I jailbroke my ipod today, and I had to redo this like three times because I kept putting it in the wrong folder because my computer was laggy and I got mad at it, so it kept bricking it. But i dod it right this time, and I love it! Now just to figure out how to put nes on here...


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    I can help with that too, because in Cydia there are a few NES and GAMEBOY simulators you can get for free, and all you need is the ROM files from the internet SSH'ed into the ipod. Also, check out some of my other instructables, theres a few Holy Grails in there im sure you would like. 


    13 years ago on Introduction

    Any chance that you could rotate the images? My neck hurts.


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    Sry i cant rotate them....... but if i knew how, i would XD


    Reply 13 years ago on Introduction

    ya it is, and its better than a few of my OTHER instructables, because it actually has decent functionality and speed, on the IPOD TOUCH 1G! lol plus, its got a keyboard :) although for my windows XP ones u could probly use Veency and vnc into it for a keyboard lol