Introduction: How to Get Your Ipod Touch ( or Iphone If U Really Messed It Up ) to Quit Crashing From Lack of Memory

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Hi, There, ipod touch and iphone users. Ok, so im pretty sure you guys all have a slightly basic understanding of how the apple ipod works, right? You open an app. That app will use anywhere between maybe on an ipod touch 1G, 5-30MB of the available RAM. This isnt a problem. But, what if theres an app that was made to WORK with the 1G, but is too memory consuming?for instance, The  one app i love to use because i STILL have no cell phone, TextPlus+. This is a great app to use. it is fully functional, and there are almost no bad features in it, and its FREE no matter what so u wont get bothered by the ads. there are ads but they arent persistent little suckers. although, the problem with an app like this is that it was ACTUALLY built for iPhone users that wanted to text without paying. If you look closely theres an option where it will send ur iphone sms textx when u get messages in TextPlus. Because of this you might understand why it will frequently overheat and crash your ipod touch, exiting the app. I have a fix for this people! WOOT! YA! AND ITS A DOOSIE, TOO. With this little bit of code in the Plist file i wil give u, i can Background 8 apps on my ipod touch ( because i modded it from an extra 2 64MB files to 3 ) without crashin nothin. You might only get around 5 on your ipod first generation running at the same time, but thats pretty dang good. ( after 5 you wil have around 10-20 MB of free RAM left, and still wont be slowed much. ) Ok, i think its time i TELL you guys what i am here to tell you so you dont get freakin bored and leav.

Step 1: Requirements.

As usual, my works always require you to have a few things on your computer.
Because im a nice guy, ill add a download link or two for windows users.
Computer side:
WinSCP ( or any other FTP or SSH client that uses port 22, YOU NEED TO USE PORT 22 IF UR USIN AN FTP PROGRAM SO BE SURE TO CHANGE THAT UP FROM 21!!!)

the file to upload:
This file was not created by me but i dont remember the original link for this so im makin it for others.

Things you need on your ipod:
OpenSSH needs to be installed from Rock, Cydia, or Icy.
You need SSH not to be disabled if you have SBSettings installed.
You need an internet connection to which you are connected on the same network as your home computer. Iphone users or itouch 2g if you have bluetooth or something on your pc you may use that but i can not help u ther.

Step 2: Take It and Shove It Up Your .....ipod.

Ok, you got the file. Open up WinSCP or your FTP client, or SSH client, and type in the IP of your ipod touch. If you do not know what this is, Go to your settings, internet area, and tap the blue arrow thing on the network you are connected to, and oyu should see your ip. if you are having trouble recognizing which is your ip, it would look like this.
Ip :
DNS Gateway:
Router: being the IP. I know that your IP may vary a little, as i have a seperate wireless Router for my wireless, and another for my wired internet, so your gate way might be, or or some other varient. If it works, it works, ok? lol. Connect to your ipod. ( keep that file from earlier ready to upload) Navigate to /
open the folders
then once in there open up the only folder there, Library.
Next, find Launch Deamons, and open that folder up. You will notice a LOT of files with similar names to the file i gave you, as this is where you are uploading the file. Once its done uploading, You need to restart your iphone or ipod to see the effects. I Recommend having SBSettings installed previously from doing this because you can see the difference in RAM or memory being free, as mine has never gotten over 50MB, and now with this i have had up to 80MB with an app runnin lol.

Step 3: Explanation

Ok, so i know theres gonna be a few people wondering WHAT THE HELL THIS DOES. Well ill tell u.
This file will tell the ipod, at the start, when you turn it on, To use 1 or 2 swap files that it has placed somewhere private on your iphone, instead of the RAM. This does not affect your speed, as it is using flash memory now on the harddrive. But, on the ipod touch, it will use two 64MB swap files in a directory ( if you would like to know so you can see them, ask me by a PM and i willtell you where they are ) and those files will be used when you are running some of your programs so that you no longer crash!!!!!!!!! WOOT! i will have pictures up soon of how i have SOOOOOO many apps running now with MEMORY TO SPARE. Remember, my ipod only has 128MB, and it only had 50MB free when i had nothin running. take a look at my pics lol you will see the difference now on what i run when i get close to 50 MB free.

Also, in case anyone is wondering what size your swap files are, i beleive they are the size of the Memory Modules on your ipod. The Iphone 3gs has just one 256MB one, ( YES, I KNOW, THAT MAKES THE 3GS USERS THAT WILL DO THIS, PWN THE SHIT OUT OF US ALL! ) which adds to 512 altogether. Please note, this does not actually count as REAL memory or RAM, but it is part of the hard drive *(128MB-256MB, not much space taken up )*, and i hope this has helped you. Sorry for the lack of pictures but i DO have SOME.