Introduction: Getting Power From 240v Tish Light

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Simple way to take power of a light feed - wouldn't recommend unless you know the circuit and handle the extra load from this addition

Step 1: Kill Power

Use Breaker to kill power to circuitry

Step 2: Disassemble Light Fixed

- Unscrew light fixture at top and bottom

- then grab a 2 pin power cable,

- Cut the plug end off

- use clothes handing or something similar and sellotape the wire onto it.

- shove it down the conduit

- use a penknife a cut a slit on the bottom cover so the wire has space to poke out when the faceplate is screw back on

- piggyback off the live and neutral from the light switch

- screw everything back together

Step 3: Test and Use

Now you can flick the breaker back on and test if it works

- you can now use power adapters like the USB one featured in the photos

- can also use the mac and iPad chargers if you pull off the plug end.