Introduction: Getting Started With the MakerBot 2 Replicator

This is my first Tutorial, so please, be kind!

First things first, I made it at TechShop! If you don't know what TechShop is, I suggest you swing by and educate yourself about them!

I made this awesome rook on a MakerBot 2 Replicator at Techshop in Allen Park, MI.

Step 1: Step 1

The first step is to obtain the .stl file for your print, I found the .stl for this at an excelent repository for all things printable! Find the file you want, and down load it to a USB drive or an SD card.

Step 2: Step 2

For the next step, take it to your local TechShop or any other place that has a MakerBot 2, and either insert the SD card in the MakerBot, or the flash drive in the computer attached to the MakerBot.

Step 3: Step 3

If using an SD card, insert it right behind the LCD screen and the screen should say "Awesome! We’ll go to the SD card menu and you can select a model!"

Use the arrow keys to select the file name, press the "M" button again, and stare in amazement as the MakerBot prints your object!

Step 4: Step 3A

In which we use a Flash Drive to produce our 3D print.

Open MakerWare on the computer attached to the MakerBot,

Click on the "Add" button, browse to the flash drive, and find the file you want to print.
Click "Open" and it will open in MakerWare.
Click the "Make" button, and stare in amazement as your MakerBot prints your object!

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